Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Today Jenny and I became members of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. Too bad the exhibit was so fucking packed that in the event of a fire we would have been trampled on the way to the exit. Next we went to the art supply store for glue sticks. We bought a 24 pack. Apparently we eat them.
Next was the grocery store where Jenny insists I was being cruised. A woman asked me where I bought my sweater. Pretty heavy come-on. I was short of beating her off with a stick. Anyway, we bought a tub of the new french vanilla flavored Cool Whip. We started off putting little dollops into our coffee, but it wasn't long before we were shamlessly dipping our fingers into the tub down to the knuckles. We were double and triple dipping. One can only hope it is not a seasonal flavor.

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