Wednesday, December 31, 2003

We arrived home around four o'clock with a bottle of vodka, some tonic, flamingo drink stirs, party hats, balloons, and Jello. The idea of making Jello shots would have NEVER occurred to me otherwise, but as we browsed the aisles at Party City I overheard two black women searching for plastic cups to chill and serve them in. Occasionally they would pause to sing disco songs. After returning home I went online to look for a recipe. I was bombarded by more Jello shot recipes than the world will ever need. I opted for a simple, no-frills recipe that called for one package of Jello, one cup of boiling water, to one cup of vodka. So I've performed the steps and they are chillin' in the fridge. There are also cookies cooling on the stove. Add home movies and video games and you have the lesbian stay-at-home rockin' eve.

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