Friday, January 16, 2004

Last week I bumped my head on the counter and sort of split it open. It wasn't gushing blood terribly, but I could tell I needed stitches. I opted to not have them based on the fact I have no insurance and it would leave a really cool scar. From what I understand, that is why you get stitches. So the cut heals properly and not all fucked up. Anyway, it's been a while and the scab finally came off supposedly revealing my really cool scar. I couldn't even find the cut at first. I dug around in my hair for a minute. And then I finally found it. My really cool scar. Except it just looked whimpy. Like a pencil mark. I could barely even see my really cool scar. It looked like someone tried to make a pencil mark on my scalp. I had the story of my really cool scar all worked out. I would say I did it getting hammered. In fact, I was picking up a hammer.

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