Friday, January 23, 2004

The Proof is in the Pudding

I must be in love. Well, I knew I was in love, but now I have a weird form of proof.
Last night my girlfriend and I were riding in the car when she asked if I wanted to go watch pudding wrestling at a local bar. (She's friends with the owner.)
I thoughtfully stared ahead before deciding I had an overwhelming urge for pudding. I went so far as to demand we pull over immediately to buy some.
"Do we need to buy milk?", I asked.
At which point my girlfriend informed me there was a pint of ready-made rice pudding in the fridge. I was pleased by the news and drove home.
So in conclusion, at the mention of scantily-clad beauties rolling around in pudding I want nothing more than a gigantic bowl of it. The pudding, dude.
This is not to say we won't be attending the festivities. Oh we'll be there. Ringside with cameras in hand.

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