Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Thank you for the lovely gray cashmere sweater. Wow, cashmere. Caaaaash-merrrrre. It sounds like diamonds. I'm sure it fits perfectly, but I will probably never know. If you don't care to look inside of me, at least look AT ME. I don't wear cashmere. I wear rags. My mother reminds me of this when I visit. I spend money on about four pairs of pants and my shirts mostly come from discount and thrift stores. Nothing beats a well worn-in tee. I want to give it to someone who will actually get use out of it, but you may want to see it on me one day and I will be caught. I should have appeared more thankful. For that I am sorry. You are a very kind person who seems to enjoy doing for others. And you probably recieve very little in return. That's usually how it goes. I would also like to thank you for the framed prints and the waffle iron. (how did you know?) I'm sorry for seeming to almost cry at work the other day. I was having a bad day. I made you uncomfortable. I guess your generousity is limited to material items. I can't blame you. It's easier that way.

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