Monday, January 05, 2004

Today has been a long and harrowing experience that has left me both mentally and emotionally drained. But I did it.
I completed my online driver's education class. (You expected more maybe?)
For a class that is designed by law to last no less than six hours, I tore through the lessons at breakneck speed in just eight. One of the added conveniences of taking it online is being prompted to answer random questions regarding your car to ensure proper identity. Driver's license number, license plate number, how many individuals on your policy, two or four-door passenger sedan, mother's maiden name and so on. These are mainly simple questions, but sandwich them between learning the lesson and answering questions regarding the lesson, and adding the fact you must finish the the final with a score of 70% before the UPS express delivery cut-off at 3:00 PM, you find you cannot answer the most basic question concerning the first letter of your last name, or the numerical month you were born.
But I still embrace deadlines. Deadlines although mostly breed procrastination, are what make us feel alive. Alive and in trouble constantly.

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