Saturday, January 03, 2004

Today was turning out to be an okay day...until I entered the really cool video store we rent movies from. I usually let Jenny walk ahead and pick out the movie while I poke around the local rags near the door. After quickly scanning what was available I noticed an almost surreal sight. It was my Ex's face emblazoned on the cover of a local gay magazine. THE COVER. The motherfucking cover. And to add insults of all insults to injury the caption read: Worth Watching - Our annual list of intriguing people. And to add even more insult, beneath her name read, poet and publisher. Poet and publisher. Poet and Publisher. Po-et and Pub-lish-er. Goddamit. Fuck. You just don't understand, do you? You couldn't. The thing is, it was supposed to be me on the cover of some fucking local magazine. ME. And SHE was supposed to walk in and see my smiling ass face. In reality, recently I have been submitting writing to a local lesbian rag. She (along with all my ex-girlfriends) was supposed to see my fucking name in the byline next to my it's-so-amazing-you-want-to-kill-yourself article. You know...maybe she did. And THAT'S why she's suddenly launching some stupid girlie lesbian zine. What a total loser. Yes folks, she is the loser.

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