Thursday, February 26, 2004

I love passing through small towns and stopping to eat. My dad and I recently made a trip to Austin and stopped in La Grange. It was around breakfast time and we were damn hungry. Man, there is nothing, I mean, noth-ing in that town. We were so hungry and couldn't find a decent restaurant. Moments before giving up my dad spotted a sign that read, The Riverside Cafe. It didn't look like much, but we figured they wouldn't fuck up eggs, bacon, and coffee. And they didn't. Everything smelled and tasted great. The atmosphere had everything I loved right down to the country kitsch on the walls. The table numbers were taped to the wood paneling. Even in a small town with nothing going on, the waitress refused to spend more than a minute or two listening to my dad ramble. In the ladies room opposite the toilet was a xeroxed copy of bible quotes on the virtues of patience and next to that a piece of paper indicating the differences between cold and the flu symptoms. Very helpful. Placed thoughtfully next to the mirror were three yellow-ish stick-ups. (I wasn't aware these were still being made. At least in that color.) The best part was the window. There was a window in the bathroom. Very convenient for anyone looking to skip out on the bill. Except there were a bunch of what-nots on the window sill obscuring the view of outside. One might have ended up standing in a pig's trough, but it would be worth it to save fifteen dollars of your hard-earned money. Upon leaving we waved, "Goodbye Riverside Cafe! Goodbye fifteen year old stick-ups! Goodbye anti-social waitress! Goodbye world's greatest bacon and coffee! Goodbye smoking section in the front and non-smoking in the back! Goodbye!"

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