Thursday, February 05, 2004

Look at this face. What do you see?
Look at it. What do you see?
Nothing. You can't see me. But there's something wrong with it. There has to be, the way people react to me. Almost never friendly. Unless I'm all smiles. Like a big grinning jackass. I don't know why. Is it my facial expressions? My voice? Am I so attractive that people are unfriendly to me? No. Am I so un attractive that people are unfriendly to me? No, again.
They say people can sense negative energy. God, are people really that sensitive? Am I really that negative? Who has the energy for all that smiling, anyway? Shit.
More later...(I guess) In other news, I've given into the "Smileys" craze. I downloaded...Are you ready for this?...7,000 of them. Who's the negative one now? Smileys, I downloaded.
I'm going to bathe with my newly purchased therapeutic bath now. Maybe it will wash away some of that negative energy along with the chemicals and pollutants. Yep, down the drain. Tomorrow I will be a new person.

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