Monday, February 23, 2004

The Neighbor -- Part II

I believe it was Saturday when I opened the back door to throw a moldy tulip over the balcony and found her sitting there with her cat. She sat reading on her side of the balcony, we share a balcony, and I stood there with unshaven legs and no make-up holding the moldy tulip from Valentine's day.
She looked up from her book and smiled and introduced me to her cat who was sitting on our mat on our side of the balcony. She asked if we minded them being there and I explained that I needed to throw the moldy tulip over the edge, so I did, and then I told her she was fine there, even though her cat was sitting on our mat, but that's okay because anyone who wants to spend a sunny afternoon reading a book is certainly more than welcome. So I started back inside, but not before she gestured toward a door mat folded in two and leaning against the building next to our door with a clearly newer mat in front of it, on which her cat was still seated. She asked if it would be okay if she placed it in front of her door which was either really cool and laid back of her to ask, or really weird.
My girlfriend quickly pointed out that it was inappropriate and she was "certainly off, that one."
This is the same neighbor who yelled at us for hogging all of the first come parking in back. She must have felt so terrible for scolding us that she decided to offer taking the discarded mat off our hands. Have I mentioned she is in her thirties and has a full head of gray hair? I would say that she has been punished in advance for every idiotic thing she does until she's forty.

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