Saturday, February 28, 2004


This evening I stumbled upon a recipe for the sickest tasting drink in the history of man. And It was surprisingly easy.
Pour one shot of Vanilla Skyy vodka over ice and top off with diet tonic. Add a twist of lime and voila...cough medicine.
I wouldn't wish this drink on my worst enemy. Yes, I would. But it would have to be an unsuspecting enemy. One that would graciously accept the drink. Possibly out of some attempt to make amends. And he or she would have to grin through every nasty sip of it. Maybe I could invite the neighbor over for one. Oh I forgot to mention, she purchased some 'antique' dresser today with the knowledge she had no way of transporting it home. We had to climb over all the drawers she was lugging up the stairs.
"I left the rest at the shop. I guess I will have to totally beg Thomas to pick it up in his truck", she explained. We don't remember asking.
Thomas is the downstairs neighbor and coincidently the posterchild for unfriendly. After determining that we were going to say hello more often than not, he's decided to duck inside his apartment whenever he spots us instead of finishing his cigarette. He'd rather not smoke than say hello to us. Not smoke. That takes real commitment. And this neighbor thinks he will willingly pick up this dresser for her.

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