Monday, February 09, 2004

You: Where have you been? What have you been doing?
Me: Playing Glinx.
You: All this time?
Me: It's very addicting.
You: I didn't know you liked video games.
Me: I didn't either. It's a puzzle/strategy game.
You: Is that all?
Me: No, I've also played Bounce Out, Nisqually, and Candy Cruncher. Equally addicting.
You: I mean what else have you done lately?
Me: I went to night court.
You: How did that go?
Me: Something like this.

Judge: "You had one-hundred and eighty days to take defensive driving and you waited until the one-hundred and seventy-ninth day to take it?"

Me: (nothing)

You: Anything else?
Me: I played Glin--no, nothing really. Well, nothing I'll mention to you; not here. But something interesting did happen.
You: You're no fun.
Me: I know.
You: I'll get you drunk then.
Me: That never works.

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