Friday, April 30, 2004

After returning home from a short trip to get coffee, I came to a stop in front of the neighbor's house. Leaning out of the car window I asked...

"Is everything alright here? Is your son okay?"
"Oh sure, he's fine. Gotta bump on the head is all. Hey, thanks for asking."
"Well, it's the least I could do."
"No really, you shouldn't have. I saw how you slowed down after seeing the fence fall over and clobber him. You even waited 'til I heaved it off before pulling away."
"Once I saw his arms and legs flailing about I knew nothing was broken."
"Funny how it happened. He kept asking if it was OK to let go of it and I kept saying 'no' but eventually he just let go anyway. Kids..."
"How unfortunate. Perhaps you should consider finding someone other than your four-year old to help build your fence."
".....................looks like your coffee might be gettin' cold."
"Probably is"

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