Thursday, April 08, 2004

After several test runs at home, today was my first official outing with the laptop. With such beautiful weather I decided to set off on foot. Although I chose a coffee shop only blocks away, the walk almost killed me. I started out with the strap over my shoulder then quickly switched to carrying it business man-style by the handle. I alternated between the two for the remainder of the walk.

I entered the cafe and headed for the counter. I studied the menu and hoped no one would notice my shoulder sagging from the immense weight of my bag. French vanilla coffee is a given, but I was pretty sure blowing any of what’s left of my money on an entree would be stupid. (Let the record show that I’m very hungry.)
While waiting for my coffee I stole a glance in the direction of the booths located near the outlets to see if any were available. As usual they were full so I chose a table by the window, set my computer down and back-tracked my way to the condiment counter for a cup of water. Of course this afforded me an excellent view of the sleek and spiffy laptops that everyone seated by the outlets had. It dawned on me how utterly stupid I would look occupying one of these booths.

Likely Scenario: “What do you think you’re doing?”
“I’m uh, you know, using my laptop and stuff.”
“No seriously, get out of here. I have to study.”

It would be useless for me to attempt any real work in a cafe anyway. I’m a people watcher. Which is weird in a way considering I don’t particularly enjoy the company of others most of the time.
The manager and staff have become mildly drunk from a wine-tasting a few tables away. They have showed increased interest with every new sample. At the table to my left a girl and what may be a boyfriend are having two Bud Lights. Out on the patio a blonde-haired girl sits covered completely in a white blouse and skirt. Her hair is tucked inside an awkward-looking cap. She has completed the look with sunglasses. I can’t tell if she is hiding from the sun or a person.

I feel bad for anyone who left work early to enjoy the beautiful weather today. The sun that was smiling brightly over the city earlier is now hidden behind a skyful of clouds.

Update: I am at home now. My computer is a liar. It konked out after an hour and twenty minutes with no warning. I still love the little piece of shit, though. Win95 will never die!

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