Friday, April 02, 2004

Father (thinks he) Knows Best

Wednesday was my go-over-to-the-parent's-to-become-their-personal-slave day. I tried explaining to my mother beforehand that I wouldn't be over until after my mail was delivered around two-o'clock, or possibly later as the mailman is painfully inconsistent. He could make an appearance anywhere from eleven-thirty to three-thirty. On Wednesday I stood watching him from the window taking a drink of soda, checking his cell phone, flicking a piece of debris from his cuffed sock, and finally straightening and then re-straightening a stack of mail from the comfort of his little truck.

Not surprisingly the phone call from my father came a little before three that day and was nothing short of a train wreck. He was curious as to if and when I planned on showing up. Again, I explained that I would not be leaving until after my mail had arrived and that "Mom already knows this."
Something was said about "getting here early or not at all" and the phone was then abruptly disconnected.

What just happened? Although very prone to at times, I do not recall actually engaging in an argument. Then it occurred to me...I know how his mind works. Driving over after the mail is delivered to MY apartment translates as me magically arriving at the exact time they receive mail to THEIR house on the other side of town. This I am sure of.

Now, fast-forward a day or two. Thursday, in-between my usual cleaning duties, I managed to find time to wash four loads of my laundry, make a pitcher of fruit smoothies, take clippings from a nearby flowering bush, and make the discovery of a napping cat in the back seat of my car who had apparently slipped in through an open window. It is my father's habit, and obligation presumably, to air out my car while I'm visiting.
I also made the discovery while folding my g.f's panties that, according to my calculations, she makes an underwear change every twelve hours...Around the hour of seven-fifteen.

Today was spent running errands with my mother which went well considering the day began with a horrific story detailing a car accident which coincidently occurred at the very intersection in which we were waiting to cross. She is a wonderful story-teller.

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