Saturday, May 29, 2004

Sometime soon I am going to update the links to your right. I'm sure you're all fired up about that.

Since my girlfriend doesn't keep a blog...not really...I've decided to keep a little sub-blog of her comings and goings which will appear randomly here.

Friday night she replaced the hard drive in her computer which I think is really cool. Especially since it was in her laptop,a Mac, which involved unscrewing a multitude of screws in a specific order and then screwing them back in a completely different order. Way to go baby!
After she finished that she made a little clay sculpture of me. It looked exactly like the cartoons she draws. Amazing. Wait, except for the nose. The nose is all wrong.
Sometime while I was gone she managed to break the toilet paper holder in the bathroom. She tried explaining how, but I still don't understand. Anyway, way to go baby!

Friday, May 28, 2004

Just back from the parent's house. They were making me feel a little guilty for leaving yesterday until I brought up politics.
My dad not only became angry and left the room, he actually left the house. They are realizing that not only had they lost me to 'the gay', they must also live with the fact they parented a liberal. They fucked up on every level.
I feel bad that I left on a somewhat sour note, especially since they just deposited money into my account so that they could sleep well knowing I wouldn't be stealing gas. My mom saw in the paper how some girl filled up her tank and than proceeded to run from the cops. Never mind that she had drugs or something.
I made it no secret that I would be using some of the money to purchase a juicer after a eureka-like moment of which I decided vegetable juice was exactly what I needed to recapture my youthful mind, body, and soul.
They told me to go digging around in the garage since my dad had bought one a few years back. Like fifteen years ago. I don't want that one.
They make me nuts, but I love them both.

In other news...
This makes me want to download iTunes just to see the celebrity playlists. Seriously.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

If you don't mind really, really, really, really, really, really, I mean really, bad web design you have to go to this web site. My friend Brad sent it to me and it is F-ing hilarious.
Once you get there click on 'Tour' so that you can take the virtual suck tour. The first three or four are kind of lame, but just keep going...they get really funny.
After you finish that or even if you don't, click on 'Pages' in the navigation and then click on 'Beginnings of Listings.' This section is HILARIOUS. You couldn't make this shit up if you tried. Well, maybe. Probably not.
Whatever you do, if you go wandering through the rest of the site and come across a blue-colored link to his "other" sites, don't click on it. Just trust me.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Today on the way to the coffee shop I almost ran into a 'for sale' sign while watching a man give some grass a blow job. Go figure.

damn it I love Death Cab for Cutie. And Magnetic Fields. "I'm crazy for you, but not that crazy." Exactly.
And Snoozer. Oh, and Alexisonfire. Whenever I listen to them I want to screeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm...I don't know why. I downloaded their video for 'Counterparts and number them' which took FOREVER. Fuck you dial up. It was worth it to see them jump around in their little pink shirts.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

I have not written much lately. I almost feel the need to apologize.
But I won't.
I have been 'cramming' to catch up on current events which has led me on a insane reading frenzy that just won't stop. I've discovered news blogs and can't get enough. There are people out there who visit what has to be hundreds of websites daily and read massive amounts of information who then politely and neatly bundle and summarize it all for the rest of us. Like me. God bless these people.
I now have a little folder containing all my daily news reads.
I. am. a. dork.

Let's move on...

I have been listening to a conservative radio station for a while now solely because, as of right now, there are no liberal ones in my city, and I find it highly entertaining although I become irate most of the time. It baffles the mind the way these people think. They often refer to we liberals as Utopians and more recently, Useful Idiots, I assume meaning we are spreading the democratic word despite the fact we don't have any real facts to back ourselves up and for the most part don't know what the fuck we are preaching.
Earlier, my girlfriend and I were discussing the arguments THEY are trying to make against gay marriage. We were somewhat at a loss. I ran across the following moments ago and would like to kiss the person who wrote it. I give you this quote and hope you share it with many. Many closed-minded conservatives. And if you would like the link to the rest of the story please ask.

"The precise challenge for morally serious people is to make rational distinctions between what is arbitrary and what is essential in important social institutions. ... If you want to argue that a lifetime of loving, faithful commitment between two women is equivalent to incest or child abuse, then please argue it. It would make for fascinating reading. But spare us this bizarre point that no new line can be drawn in access to marriage or else everything is up for grabs and, before we know where we are, men will be marrying their dogs."

Sunday, May 16, 2004

For my g.f.'s birthday I made a cake and gave her an inflatable guitar which I inflated. Then we went to see Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation, which was sick and twisted and mostly impressive. We were very excited about wearing the 3-D glasses we were handed while purchasing our tickets, despite the undeniable fact we would look utterly stupid in them. This fact was played upon well by the writers as they instructed everyone to put on their glasses and immediately remove them.
This reminds me...since December, I have been in posession of three different pairs of 3-D glasses on three different occasions.
The first was at a Christmas party. I was handed them by a somewhat chubby boy whose father was "the manager" of a huge mall...somewhere. The second pair came in a 3-D issue of OutSmart, a local gay mag. One would think I would be well on my way to having a nice little collection. One would be wrong. I threw out the first two.

Friday, May 14, 2004

I was going to make an entry Wednesday, but I couldn't.

First my body became weak and then I began to shake all over.
And the shaking continued. My heart was racing. I couldn't breath or calm myself.

I had witnessed the most disturbing and horrifying thing I had, or will ever, see.
I was hysterical, but didn't realize to what extent. I was slowly losing it and had no one to blame but myself.
I tried calling the only person that I could talk to. The only person who wouldn't judge me or scold me for doing something so idiotic. It didn't help. I had tortured myself. I had shocked my brain.

I refused to understand that just because you have the means, in this case the Internet, does NOT MEAN you should use it. At times curiosity is a thing to suppress, not to satisfy.
I went too far.
There are things that are not meant for us to see. There are things not meant for ME to see.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
But a video.............................................................

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

One of our neighbors has begun some weird game of 'garbage can chicken' where he sits in his apartment, all five cans over-flowing, garbage trucks drawing near, and does nothing.
He is fed up with the lack of cooperation he's receiving from the rest of the tenants in our four-plex. The trash cans are considered "communal" and everybody's responsibility.
We used to all pitch in. The neighbor would roll them out and we would drag them back and so on. Eventually, everyone but him, just forgot about them.
One day before backing out of the driveway, I noticed all five cans standing against the wall. It was trash day.
"Maybe they don't need to be emptied this week. That's happened before. I think that's happened before. Hasn't that happened before?"
I put my car in park and one by one checked under the lids. All full. Really full. Like another week not emptied would be unbearable. So I rolled them all to the street and left. Then I returned to ignoring them as usual.
Until yesterday. Again the five cans stood earnestly against the wall. Again, it was trash day.
"Oh crap. Here we go again."
The thing is, I know it was killing him to gamble like that. To depend on someone else to do it. He used to line them up on the street first thing in the morning. I know now he was setting an example. I swear, after a time I didn't even hear their wheels on the gravel outside anymore. It was almost as if they magically never became full.
I was on my way out and decided to play along. I drove away, leaving them as they were...and immediately rolled all of them quickly to the curb upon arriving home and seeing the big blue trucks just feet away. It was such a close call, the driver could have beamed me in the head with an apple. Or a cigarette would have been more likely.

I wasn't totally in the karmic clear either. It had rained hard before I had a chance to push them back and some rain had accumulated in the one missing its lid. Crud that had been stuck to the bottom marinated in the water and of course flooded out onto to my shoe when I tried to empty it.

Friday, May 07, 2004

I'm on the sauce again. By 'sauce' I mean allergy shots.
I quit going for two months. I was convinced I didn't need them anymore.
That didn't last.
The goal is to reach a maintenance dose so that I can then bring a box of needles and little bottles of serum home to self-inject. This will involve serious practice on some unsuspecting oranges. Ultimately, I will be tested on my ability to shoot a piece of fruit full of water. I hate tests. I'm going to make some microwave popcorn.
My girlfriend doesn't know this, but when she arrives home from getting her hair did, we're taking her rent car for a little spin...PT Cruiser.

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