Sunday, May 16, 2004

For my g.f.'s birthday I made a cake and gave her an inflatable guitar which I inflated. Then we went to see Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation, which was sick and twisted and mostly impressive. We were very excited about wearing the 3-D glasses we were handed while purchasing our tickets, despite the undeniable fact we would look utterly stupid in them. This fact was played upon well by the writers as they instructed everyone to put on their glasses and immediately remove them.
This reminds me...since December, I have been in posession of three different pairs of 3-D glasses on three different occasions.
The first was at a Christmas party. I was handed them by a somewhat chubby boy whose father was "the manager" of a huge mall...somewhere. The second pair came in a 3-D issue of OutSmart, a local gay mag. One would think I would be well on my way to having a nice little collection. One would be wrong. I threw out the first two.

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