Friday, May 28, 2004

Just back from the parent's house. They were making me feel a little guilty for leaving yesterday until I brought up politics.
My dad not only became angry and left the room, he actually left the house. They are realizing that not only had they lost me to 'the gay', they must also live with the fact they parented a liberal. They fucked up on every level.
I feel bad that I left on a somewhat sour note, especially since they just deposited money into my account so that they could sleep well knowing I wouldn't be stealing gas. My mom saw in the paper how some girl filled up her tank and than proceeded to run from the cops. Never mind that she had drugs or something.
I made it no secret that I would be using some of the money to purchase a juicer after a eureka-like moment of which I decided vegetable juice was exactly what I needed to recapture my youthful mind, body, and soul.
They told me to go digging around in the garage since my dad had bought one a few years back. Like fifteen years ago. I don't want that one.
They make me nuts, but I love them both.

In other news...
This makes me want to download iTunes just to see the celebrity playlists. Seriously.

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