Saturday, May 29, 2004

Sometime soon I am going to update the links to your right. I'm sure you're all fired up about that.

Since my girlfriend doesn't keep a blog...not really...I've decided to keep a little sub-blog of her comings and goings which will appear randomly here.

Friday night she replaced the hard drive in her computer which I think is really cool. Especially since it was in her laptop,a Mac, which involved unscrewing a multitude of screws in a specific order and then screwing them back in a completely different order. Way to go baby!
After she finished that she made a little clay sculpture of me. It looked exactly like the cartoons she draws. Amazing. Wait, except for the nose. The nose is all wrong.
Sometime while I was gone she managed to break the toilet paper holder in the bathroom. She tried explaining how, but I still don't understand. Anyway, way to go baby!

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