Tuesday, June 15, 2004

As the music began to play, so did he begin to twirl. Round and round he went. At almost regular intervals he became dizzy and dropped to the floor. And once, he brushed himself off and drunkenly walked towards his sister to replace her binky. Her crying did not bother him. No amount of her screaming could annoy him. It simply broke his heart.

I raised my camera to capture it all which sent him blasting down the hallway and back again. He re-emerged with a large hair brush and handed it to me. I split the hair near the front of his head, forming a neat little part to the left and only pretended to stroke the ringlets in the rear, which after any amount of combing drooped sadly. This would break my heart.

He gave his scalp a final rake with the brush and laid it aside. He was ready to take his place in the middle of the floor again. And once again I positioned my camera on him. With his sister's plump legs kicking fiercely in the background, the twirling resumed.

After prodding me repeatedly to purchase more mailbox space when my box overfloweth with mail, Yahoo! changed their strategy. They've awarded me, and all of their other faithful users, with enough mailbox space to store an airplane in. 100 mb of space to be exact. I went from using a whopping 80% of my space to a modest 4%. No, I'm not leaving off a zero. Four percent.
I was pretty bad about cleaning out my mailbox before, but now I will never delete anything ever. Then when I approach my limit again after becoming so spoiled, I will actually buy more space out of laziness. Way to go Yahoo!!

We saw Super Size Me over the weekend. You can download the song on the official website here.
I am happy we went. It was a good movie and my g/f may now have a better understanding of what I've been trying to tell her happened to my body over the years. She's more than a little familiar with the detox diet. I now realize that I had been going about it all wrong. So for a month, we are vegetarians. Not to be confused with vegan. Last night was black bean patties with sauteed eggplant, onions, and peppers in olive oil, followed by fat and sugar-free ice cream.
We went so far as to buy a cookbook. It took me an hour and half to prepare dinner Saturday night. I don't cook much so I panic when any two things are being heated at once.

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