Saturday, June 26, 2004

Good-bye Internet Explorer -- Hello Firefox! Too many holes has sent me running to Mozilla. I feel so cool now. I was cool before, but now I feel cool.

Today seems like Sunday since my g/f stayed home from work Friday. Her car broke down in the rain. It died right there on the freeway in the middle of the morning commute. The fuel pump burst. I felt so sorry for her. Strangers were honking and yelling at her for something she couldn't even help.

She was really cranky when the tow truck dropped her off so I made her some eggs and toast just the way she likes it. Eggs over-easy and toast buttered only after I've waved in the air a minute to cool it off. Sogginess is very undesirable in toast. Then later I did a little jig to The Beatles in my boxers and t-shirt while wearing her pumps from the wedding last month.

"Now turn around! And do it double time!", she yelled.

Today I made the same eggs and toast and then we went to look for another book by James Kochalka called Quit Your Job. It wasn't at the cool comic store down the street so we had to look at the dorky one across the freeway. There used to be hand-written signs taped up next to the comic books reading: Hey Bud, we're glad you can read! But wouldn't you be more comfortable reading at home?
I swear it said that. How retarded. Everything in the store is immaculate. The graphic novels are sealed in plastic with signs hanging above them saying: Please ask for assistance when opening plastic bags. How retarded. They didn't have the book we were looking for so we left.

The Pride Parade was today. I guess we have no pride. We drove right across the parade route to a coffee shop. The ambience would change every few minutes. From loud hopping bar back to cozy coffee house. My salad made me feel drunk so we left. I don't think I will ever figure out what's wrong with me. My g/f was sad today and asked me to not be negative. Instead, I was negative and then yelled at her for no reason. I want to make love to her to make up for it, but I have onion breath.

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