Friday, June 11, 2004

So I caved Wednesday. At around eight o'clock my g/f came home with a jar of peanut butter and I immediately pictured myself sleep-walking into the kitchen at two AM to devour it. So I had to make sure I filled up on something much healthier and hypo-allergenic. I made rice flour pasta seasoned with garlic salt, which turned out a lot like Ramen Noodles. Kinda soggy, but good. For a snack I had some humus smeared on rye crackers and more humus wrapped with spinach leaves.

So what did I learn about myself? I have to shoot for a day of juice fasting to accomplish not eating meat. Meat is bad for you. It's full of hormones and antibiotics. Antibiotics injected into an animal does not give you any secondary health benefit, in case you're wondering. If I would have set out to avoid meat I would have collapsed under the feeling of deprivation and eaten a whole chicken or a T-bone steak with a side of hamburger.
Along with my dinner I popped my usual assortment of vitamins, herbs, enzymes, and probiotics. I can't claim they help tremendously, but I take them regardless. One of the supplements I just started taking alone is garlic pills. They are 'enteric coated' so that they bypass the stomach to prevent garlic burps. This, in effect, causes the even better side effect of farting garlic. My g/f claims she was jolted out of a dead sleep at the smell. She went so far as to re-enact it for me, her little brown eyes popping open abruptly. Wild dogs go running from this smell.

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