Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Still an unexplained boost in traffic. (If you are confused, see previous entry.) If you are new here please introduce yourself, I would love to hear from you. No one is going to track you down. Well, until somebody comes forward I will subject everyone else to crap entries detailing my mundane life. You would be surprised what crap can spew from this keyboard of mine.

Day 1 (written earlier)
Today I have consumed one cup of coffee and a glass of vegetable juice fresh from the juicer. It is 5:16. If I can make it another six hours I will have fasted an entire day. The chance of me going to bed hungry is pretty slim. Actually, I might have nibbled on a pork rib this morning, but I’m not counting that. First of all, I washed all the tasty B-B-Q sauce goodness off of it under the faucet and secondly, everyone knows how little meat is attached to a rib. Why am I doing this? It’s a last ditch effort to get rid of my allergies.

I can already tell I'm not going to make it. I’m sitting here wondering what my g/f might have picked up on her way home from work. Yesterday it was a full rack of ribs, potato salad, and corn mash. We didn't make any of it. Just the corn mash part. As I was enjoying the mash, I found myself wondering what the difference between corn mash and grits is. Obviously, there is one or they would just call corn mash, grits. Anyway, as soon as I smell food, it’s all over.

I went on a walk earlier, but the threat of rain sent me home. I was sitting on the bridge over the freeway watching everyone make their commute home. As soon as I raised my Polaroid to snap some photos a few cars began honking. I’m not sure if they were "Hey, take one of me!" honks or, "Hey, is that a gun you’re wielding?!" I decided to just photograph four men pushing an early model Honda Accord instead. I think they had just received a citation. Does one get a ticket for having a broken down car?

Right now I am trying to download some music from The Ukrainians. I read an article about them online and apparently they released a song called, "Bayer" that "is pretty obviously The Smiths' "Bigmouth Strikes Again" off The Queen Is Dead album. The article is confusing in that I am not sure they acknowledge this. Those crazy Ukrainians.
I’m actually having a hard time downloading anything by them. I hate to say it, but some foreigners are just rude. Most of the time when I attempt to download some ethnic music from a user that has a very ethnic name, I usually get disconnected. The weirder the name, the bigger the chance I’m not getting the song. 'More Sources' means they have purposely canceled your download. I'm sorry, this happens way too frequently. They can just smell a dirty American trying to take something for nothing. You suck Marina. (pretty name, though)

Update: It is 6:25. I called my g/f and she is not bringing food home. She is sitting in a coffee shop about two blocks away with friends having, uh, coffee. I just juiced another glass with a carrot and a cucumber and a clove of garlic. Updates may keep coming as events unfold.

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