Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Friday: I finished reading my ninth Steinbeck novel. We don't get out much on weekend nights.

Saturday: We went to the Mall. The Mall. That's like you going deer hunting or something. I'm completely out of my element there. I sometimes wish I could be reduced to a fly on the wall in crowds. Seeing people milling around with shopping bags is annoying because you know it is a hobby.
Saturday evening my allergies were making me uncomfortable and restless to the point where I was just standing in the middle of the living room while my g/f watched TV.

Sunday: I made my g/f return a pair of shoes for me. After walking around in them a couple of minutes in the apartment, it was clear I couldn't survive an evening in those heels. Anyway, I figured that once the sales girl took in my g/f's sweet face she would just glance at the soles and shove money at her. One look at my face and SCRUTINY. The tiny scuff mark would be enlarged by one-thousand. From there we went to a coffee shop, the comic book store and the book/video store where I bummed a zine off the guy that worked there. It was actually free, but I felt like I had bummed it. I was asking if he knew where a person could buy some zines around town and he was like, "Uh, no. Not really." And then I was like, "I tried Sound Exchange, but they didn't have much." And he was all, "Yeah, that's the only place I can think of." And as I was turning to walk away he must have thought, what-the-hell, and produced a free zine from behind the counter and while feigning modesty, began plugging his band that was featured inside and happened to be playing later that evening down the street. Sure, I'll be there.

Monday: I took my g/f to the doctor with a tummy ache. The doctor suggested it was either a problem with her ovaries or maybe corn or some other difficult to digest food stuck in there. We are going with the corn theory. Oh, and if you see her don't make any corn jokes. Just don't say anything corny at all. Ah, ha ha ha ha ha!!! Just kidding, baby. I love you.

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