Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Yesterday I went to the local thrift store to look for a pair of black Converse low-tops. Out of the blue I decided I didn’t hate them anymore and desperately needed a pair.

I know what you’re thinking. Eww gross…why would anyone want a pair of used sneakers?

Let me explain. First of all, in addition to saving a ton of money, you can’t beat that worn-in look. That’s what I’ve convinced myself so unless you want to contribute to a new pair, hush up.

The key to blending in at the thrift store is to dress like you don’t have a dime. That way no one thinks you’re slumming it there and in reality the teenage son or daughter of wealthy parents. This look isn’t hard for me to attain since I pretty much don’t have a dime anyway. I showed up wearing a previous thrift store find and thongs.

First I headed to the shoes. I tried the men’s, the children’s, and reluctantly the women’s. I hate everything in the women’s department. Anything remotely appearing to be unisex is hauled off to the men’s department leaving the girliest and gaudiest garments on the face of the earth in the women’s. A whole lot of tapered jeans and blouses.

No black Converse low-tops to be found. I must have had that lottery-ticket-winner feeling again.

I decided to hit the men’s t-shirts next. There was a pretty good selection of my size in the colors I prefer, but none from institutions I’ve never been a part of or with ridiculous sayings that don’t apply to me. I did run across a D.A.R.E to keep kids of drugs tee, which would have been funny, but since I don’t actually do drugs there’s no irony there. Plus I think that shirt’s probably been played out enough.

In the end, I did find a couple of keepers. Oh, and two coffee cups. One for me and one for my g/f, but I think I’ll drink out of both of them. I’m disappointed at the obvious shortage of vintage seventies-ware in thrift stores these days. I was hoping to find some old electronics to take home and tinker with. Like a radio or a clock or camera. Actually they had a Polaroid land camera which would have been cool except my g/f has two other really kickass ones. Plus it wasn’t marked and I’m terrible at bargaining with people. Maybe I’ll go back. I could give them a couple of bucks for it.

I’m off to my "job" now. God, you should see the stack of empty sunflower seeds next to me. Every time I think I’ll just have a couple I end up eating like a hundred and fifty.

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