Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Creepy neighbor cornered us outside on the balcony to ask if we wanted some generic-brand macaroni and cheese dinners and a frozen cheese pizza. How weird is that? Anyway, she must have heard us talking and making noise while cleaning up a piece of wood paneling we found on the side of the road.

I had sort of rolled my eyes to myself when my g/f stooped down to look at it. I mean, what typical street-kid behavior. Dragging other people's garbage home to create "art" with. Except, she can actually draw and will make something wonderful that I will then find the perfect place for on the wall.

Getting back to creepy-neighbor...She explained that although she doesn't eat wheat, her pantry was stocked with several items for her wheat-eating relatives which have since gone home. And now she was looking to unload it all. We told her that I don't really eat wheat either which is a weird coincidence, and then my g/f mentioned something about eating them when I was out of town. Like a bachelor left home for days with no cooking skills.

I was handed two boxes of mac-n-cheese and a very small frozen pizza and went inside to answer the phone. I was happy it rang since I was in no mood for what awkward conversation loomed with creepy-neighbor.

My girlfriend has been buying large pieces of fruit lately.
First it was a cantaloupe, which we ate.
Then she bought another cantaloupe.
After it sat on the counter for a while
I asked her if she planned on eating it and she replied,
"Well, I actually meant to buy a honeydew melon instead."
I ended up throwing it out.
Finally, she brought home a honeydew melon.
Several weeks have passed.
It is sitting on the stove.
In her mind it has only been a few days.
I am starting to feel bad about wasting the fruit.
But not enough to eat it.
What kind of person does this make me.

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