Friday, July 16, 2004

I hate not being able to draw well.
I hate not being to draw average, even.
I hate the fact that I can't even draw well enough to convey the general idea of what I want my girlfriend to draw for a comic strip I wrote.

"Oh how cute, this one looks like an eight-year old drew it."

And she's not referring to the quirky, deliberately simplistic style some people use. No, it's just bad. But I subscribe to the idea that anyone can draw if they just learn perspective.

So anyway, yesterday I laid in the grass for a while soaking up the sun. And later walked home with sweat pouring out of me.

With a smell that repulsed even myself, I drove to Whole Foods to refill our two-gallon water bottle. There is an interesting mix of hippies, punks, and richies (wealthy snobs) who shop there. During the weekdays I've noticed it is mostly richies, who have nothing better to do than spend money. And for now I have nothing better to do than stroll through the aisles dressed for the beach and smelling like a football player, offending everyone I pass.

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