Thursday, July 08, 2004

I think I want a pen pal. To exchange actual pieces of mail with. For example, you could send me money and in return I will send you free stickers of bands no one has heard of that I find around town. Sound good? Then drop me a line. Oh, and if you know me personally and especially if you live in the same city with me, don't bother. (What's the point of that?) And don't go pretending you are someone else in a different city -- that would be weird and mean.

Today I spilled the entire bottle of my new homeopathic allergy medicine in the car. It must have evaporated because I couldn't find where it went after I got home. I was really disappointed, but probably not as disappointed as the people from the allergy clinic when they realize I won't be coming anymore. I was practically making someone'’s car payment every month. I've stopped going before, but this time I will be leaving a half-empty/half-paid for bottle of serum behind. And in a few days I will have stood my doctor up for a re-evaluation appointment. That's pretty much burning all my bridges at once. I hope I'm making the right decision. I hope the bottle spilling is not a bad sign. My squeezing out the recommended dosage of fifteen drops under my tongue while trying to drive, then failing to screw the lid back on tightly is typical behavior for me. Feeding quarters into the bottom dryer and putting my clothes into the top dryer at the laundromat is too.

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