Saturday, August 07, 2004

Baby-sitting Diary or,
There comes a time in every baby's
life when she is left at home
while the rest of the family has the time of
their lives at Sea World.

Quote for the Day: "When it comes to baby, there is a fine line between laughing and crying." - el cheapo

Day One: (Friday)

10:00am - Fed baby one 8oz. bottle of formula, bowl of rice cereal, and one-half container of "bananas".

12:00pm - Second bottle and nap-time.

Somewhere in between, exploding poopy diaper necessitates bath.

3:30pm(ish) - Another bottle full of yummy formula goodness.

Did I mention my Dad is here too? He is here to uh,...I don't know. Maybe to cut down on the phone calls from my Mother.
So far, he has watched TV, read the paper, walked around outside doing some unknown yet very important things, made a trip back home to retrieve his medication, teased the baby, made sure all of the bedroom doors are securely shut, and fed the dogs. Despite all this, he seems bored.

6:30pm - Repeat steps from 10:00 am feeding.

8:00pm - Final bottle. (Whew!)

Insert anywhere repeated phone calls from loving and guilt-stricken parents in between having the time of their lives with the other two children at Sea World.

8:15pm - Bath number two to help baby "unwind".

8:30pm - Bedtime.

I am learning quickly. I've arranged two pallets in two different areas. One in the living room, the other in the den so that she may sit and play according to which room I am in. It takes her only minutes to acclimate herself to the pallet swap.

So far this morning, my Father emerged from his sleeping quarters around 11:30 cursing the dogs for waking him at 8:00 am with loud barking, and is now sitting on the sofa watching Dirty Dancing and drinking his cofee.

Time will only tell what adventures we will find ourselves in today!

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