Friday, August 20, 2004

Every so often, my girlfriend re-kindles my interest in shooting hoops. I never played ball in school and am considerably shorter than the average professional basketball playing female, but it's fun. What's more fun is finding an open court at an elementary school. One that is home to a normal size goal and also to a shorter goal. The latter one making it possible for me to dunk. (Yesss!!) Except I kept hitting myself in the head with the ball once it passed through the net. I pointed out to my girlfriend that this would indeed be our only chance to feel the rim in our hands. Unfortunately, she is even too short for the kiddie goal. Er, I mean, dunking is not lady-like. Now I need to learn to how to dribble without looking at the ball so that I can concentrate on my form. (Of not hitting myself in the head with the ball once it passes through the hoop.) Actually, there is a basketball goal on the side of our apartment building. I could go shoot some hoops right now if I wanted. Provided the ball doesn't ricochet off the backboard onto the neighbor's car. If I broke a window we would pay for it. Just like we paid up the time I kicked a hole in their bedroom window.

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