Friday, August 20, 2004

How to Shake a Tailgater
by el cheapo (Do not attempt this on the freeway.)

I know the most irritating tailgating happens on the freeway, but this is strictly for the streets.

What To Do:

Say you notice the car behind you following at an uncomfortable distance. At the next stoplight, open your door and spit a nice big wad on the pavement. Then shut your door like nothing happened. This says to the offending driver that you are a spitter and that if he doesn't back off by the next stoplight, you will spit on him!

I did this today and the car behind me eased back about five car-lengths. He wasn't even tailgating me, but I really had to spit. My allergy spray was running down the back of my throat and tasted gross.

I figure this is how lots of things get discovered.

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