Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I had a ton of things lined up for Sunday's post. I had scribbled notes all day Saturday. But right now, I just don't feel well enough to string these thoughts and occurrences together in some cute little story.

You see, when I arrived Friday morning at around 7:00am to relieve my mother of her baby-sitting duties, I found her sitting on the bed holding a somewhat cranky baby that was having trouble sleeping. Baby's don't understand that when they have a nose full of boogers and snot and can't breath, binkies should be left out of their mouths.

So, I knew she had "the sniffles", or a cold, or some type of upper-respiratory infection type thing. Yet I laughed at the tiny booger-nose and chose to repeatedly kiss her fat, red cheeks. Over and over again, until I awoke Sunday to my own nose full of snot and boogers and an overall feeling of blah. All you really need to know about Sunday and Monday are three things.

1. My Father is the proud new owner of a puppy.

2. My girlfriend is the most beautiful, wonderful, and understanding girlfriend in the world.
I'm sorry if you thought yours was, this is just not true. I am sure she is a close second.

3. I am sick and I ache so bad I want to kick someone.

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