Monday, August 30, 2004

Man, I actually wish we had cable for once. I would love to sit and watch the coverage of the protestors at the Republican convention. The media seems amazed at how "peaceful" they have been so far. I think they are just hopeful. Something's going down. I can't wait!

This weekend was my sister's bridal shower. Despite having been one of the "hosts" I found myself wishing I were eight again and stuck at the kiddie table instead of desperately trying to make conversation while appearing to be "all grown up."

I realized that my place was sitting next to my sister making wise cracks while keeping a log of the gifts she opened.

"Chocolate body frosting?!! Mom, cover your eyes!" I was hilarious for about twenty minutes. Then I assumed my place hiding in the kitchen pretending to check the status of brewing coffee or the kolache count. Or whatever else needed tending in there away from the chattering ladies.

Near the end I was talked into making the napkin bra I had decided against shortly after watching the guests arrive.

"No way am I making a bra out of a napkin in front of those people." But after the crowd thinned, I found myself performing the steps with about ten other women carefully following along. When they had finished and were holding their newly made "bras" in front of them, there was some laughter but nothing could hide their look of bemusement and I immediately wished I were back at home under the bed.

Only one more shower to go...

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