Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A More Refreshing Bush

At first listen, the song "Wuthering Heights" by Kate Bush actually made me wince and then reach for whatever thing would make it stop playing. But then a funny thing happened.

So begins our little experiment. Download the song from wherever you can find it, then listen to it a total of no less than three times. By the third listen, despite her ear-piercing voice, you may find yourself playing piano on your computer desk while swaying a little and trying to match her chihuahua pitch. Almost.

If you try it, be sure and leave a comment on the results. Don’t be shy.

I've been indulging in the newest craze of mp3 blogs. People discuss their favorite songs and link them. Usually one or two songs per band. These people are convinced they are actually doing the bands a favor and even have nice little notices in the columns explaining how they will kindly remove particular tracks if anyone objects. So far, the record companies aren’t bothering them. Anyway, these "reviews" are littered with adjectives. The very thing that I pride myself in not abusing. But I guess you have to do your best to let people "hear" the music before they actually download it. Whatever weird metaphor you make in the process is your business.

I just mention stuff here and let you go find it if you're truly interested. I won't be so self-righteous as to link it. And there's always laziness. And no web space.

Oh by the way, if you like the Kate Bush song at all, download “Hounds of Love”. It’s actually better. (It’s in the trees! It’s coming! Aaaaah!!!) I can’t be accountable for whatever else you get a hold of. My luck ran out after those two songs.

Oh wait, there’s “Running Up that Hill” too. By some people’s standards I’m some huge fan now.

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