Thursday, August 26, 2004

We called last week to have our front door fixed. It won't open unless you go around to the other side and put your shoulder into it.

It's still not fixed, and today I returned home to find a little old man with a handful of keys trying to unlock the downstairs apartment. After helping him in, he informed me that he was here to check the foundation.

Oh shit. I can't imagine how they would fix that without us LEAVING.

My girlfriend ran through two possible scenarios of what could be done and the second definitely sounded like it involved us leaving.

So anyway, I had a weird email exchange today on friendster.

Me: Hi. Skateboarding is not a crime unless something gets broken.

Freak: LIKE OMG!

Me: Are you really excited or just being a smart ass?

Freak: LOL!

Me: Still can't tell...

Her: You want my mams in your mouth don't you?

Me: Huh? I was just being friendly and responding to your "Skateboarding is a crime" quote. Don't go all homophob--Wait, is a mam like a yam?

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