Saturday, September 18, 2004

Back From Vacation At Last

I'm finally home, but don't feel like writing really. I've had a headache all day which is a reminder of why I hate where I live and how it effects my allergies. Gotta be the mold and pollen. Definitely not me trashing my diet completely while in Atlanta by eating everything I'm not supposed to and drinking vodka tonics and also, after months and months of abstinence...beer. No, couldn't be any of that.

Ivan began to make its appearance an hour or so before my flight home was scheduled which delayed it by over three hours. I sat in the very last aisle of the plane with my eyes squinted shut like a fucking baby. But before take off I had a ball walking around what is one of the country's largest airports. I came ridiculously close to purchasing some new fangled gadget called a "Paper Palm" which sounded interesting until I realized it was just a fucking pad of paper. Now I wish I would have bought it anyway. The funny thing is that Jenny gave me her old Palm when I got home. It will come in handy for keeping up with not having a job.

A photo diary is on the way which I will spend tomorrow working on. Nothing too elaborate. Simple is good.

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