Tuesday, September 07, 2004

El Cheapo has left the building, gone fishin', and made like a tree and,... never mind.

I'll be in Atlanta for a little over a week so no updates for a while. Maybe for every time you forget and come here, you should leave a comment. Give a little instead of always taking. Write something in my place if you like.

Perhaps I will find my way to a computer somewhere along the way and write something. I have no plans of lugging my prehistoric laptop with me.

I will spend today checking and re-checking my list. I've been keeping a running list for weeks now and yesterday while driving decided on which books to pack. Fearing I would forget, I asked Jenny to fish it out of my bag and add To Kill A Mockingbird and 1984. She found it hilarious that I had included my "Take it to the Top" t-shirt. I suppose most people just begin opening drawers and tossing stuff into their suitcase. Why would I do that? I don't want to forget my favorite flip-flops, or my little visor, or to pack two different color belts. What about my barrettes? What would I pull my hair back with while washing my face? What about a photo of my sweetie? I don't want to forget what she looks like. And thanks to my one-sided tan I wouldn't want to leave behind my self-tanning lotion. Plus, sleeping at someone's else's house means wearing something a little presentable to bed in case you bump into them during the night. Or when you shuffle into the kitchen and start banging around in the cabinets for the coffee maker and/or coffee mugs. And lastly, there's a small chance I won't be able to figure out the new digital camera I'm bringing along in time for an important photo opportunity, so I'll have to pack my 35mm SLR. (I panic, alright?) Have you ever even looked through the lens of a 35mm SLR camera? Then you wouldn't understand.

Here is a picture of me bow-legged, playing a tennis racket with a spilled drink on my left pocket. Put on your favorite song and pretend I am playing.

I owe my girlfriend a thousand apologies for leaving the kitchen the way it is. I was going to at least unload and then reload the dishwasher before leaving, but when I opened it, there sat the little Electrasol tab. Undissolved. It survived after three washings. My question is, are the dishes clean? What's wrong with the dishwasher?

Also, I decided to leave my toothbrush in the holder next to hers. I remember coming home after dropping her at the airport and seeing mine all alone and it made me really sad. I don't want her to feel sad. I'll buy another one. I'm sure she will appreciate the tint the bristles have taken on as I continually and aggressively brush my tongue after drinking coffee. Yes, I know. Eww.

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