Saturday, September 25, 2004

Friday night the following happened:

1) I got a tattoo* of a generic superhero.

2) We saw R.J. from American Idol at a local café/coffee shop.
Does anyone remember him? Oh, you don’t since you never even watched an entire episode? Uh huh. Maybe you saw him in the Old Navy commercial.

I wasn'’t sure it was him until I caught his eyes darting around searching for an admirer. I was still pondering his identity when Jenny'’s laptop died and she flipped out and demanded we leave at once. Since I had barely touched my coffee I went to the counter for a to go cup. Right next to him. When I approached, he immediately turned his head to greet me and I knew it was R.J., although not unlike with the sun, I did not look directly at him. I just raised a hand and asked for my to go cup. Burn! Denied at Empire Café. On second thought, I should have smacked him on the butt or something. As a lesbian, I could have gotten away with this.

3) I shoved a bag of popcorn into the microwave which already contained a roll wrapped in aluminum foil. We tend to use the microwave as a sort of breadbox most of the time. Nothing happened really. My popcorn wouldn’t begin popping. Essentially, I didn'’t learn any valuable lesson about checking inside the microwave before turning it on.

4) We rented yet another HORRIBLE movie from the DVD vending machine inside of the Randall’s grocery store for no reason other than we feel the need to utilize everything, everywhere all the time. Apparently.

I don’t care how hot Angelina Jolie is, Taking Lives is the worst movie of all time. Or at least competing for the title along with Secret Window and Cold Creek Manor. All picked up from the DVD vending machine inside Randall’s along with dinner. All cost one dollar.


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