Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The photo journal is finally complete. I can only hope that everyone else's definition of a photo journal matches my own...A collection of photos with a brief description put in some type of order.

Since I rely soley on free or trial accounts for my photo storage needs, I am inevitably given some type of pesky restriction. And since I refuse to use dorky web sites with names like, Photo Shack or Photo Dump, PicRack, Photo Jerk, PixPond, or ImageWhiz, I end up sacrificing unlimited web space for a decent album that isn't riddled with ads or is homemade-looking.

So my photos are somewhat small and aren't even the same dimensions and maybe I shouldn't even bother. Anyway, here it is. Click on the first thumbnail and then hit next to advance to the next photo.


Jenny is making an illustration to enter into a Halloween contest. She asked me if she should sketch more kids trick-or-treating in the background. I suggested she draw one with a hole in his bag who has yet to notice and is now trailing candy down the sidewalk. Just like when I was a kid. Come to think of it, that sounds pretty much like my life story. Dragging the bag of life behind me with one giant hole in it, and having no idea. Until one day when I turn around and see that it is empty.

I guess I should lighten up a little. It's just Halloween after all. And I will be spending it in Georgia in my sister's apartment with my mom. Par-tee. I will probably do what I do every Halloween. Watch whatever scary movie is on and then go wandering through the dark streets trying to scare myself.

Everyone else will be doing what they usually do on the weekend. Drinking at some club or party with the only difference being they are dressed in something they would not ordinarily wear.

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