Friday, October 22, 2004

Some things you don't know about me, but might interest you.

If left unchecked, I would eat Jack-in-the-Box tacos everyday. Possibly for both lunch and dinner.

I read the personals all day long. I love the personals. I am addicted to the personals. Everyone should define their whole exsistence with a few paragraphs of likes and dislikes and a photo or two.

I have spent my entire life, up until six months ago, pronouncing the word "pamphlet", pamp-let.

I have dual-ownership of my father's new puppy. He hasn't said this outright...it's just understood.
I bought him a cow hoof to chew on from the pet store. It's his new favorite toy which makes me feel sort of smug now since I chose it. The downside is that his breath smells like cow hoof and I am the
one he likes to lick in the face. Not so smug now, am I?

I actually went searching for the corrupt version of 'American Life' on Kazaa so that I could hear Madonna say, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" I'm stealing music off the Inernet, that's what.

Tonight I will revisit my old highschool. My eight-year old niece is performing at half-time. There is only one thing worse than visiting my old highschool. Visiting my old junior highschool. Or my old elementary school. No, junior high is what really did me in.

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