Thursday, October 14, 2004

We are home from Baltimore. Actually, our plane landed sometime after midnight Monday. Er...Tuesday, I guess. And we stopped by Dot coffee shop on the way home so that Jenny could observe (and draw) the crowd at that hour. I can't believe I agreed to go or even had the energy, but I soon had eggs, bacon and decaffeinated coffee in front of me. If you are lucky enough to have the URL to her website containing her daily comic, you can see us sitting there only half awake in our booth. I look stupid, as usual. I could be persuaded into posting it here if anybody wants.

Again, I am working on a photo journal which will be up this weekend. Maybe. It may just be photos with captions this time since no one seemed to appreciate the effort I put forth on the last one. I'm very lazy and need lots of praise.

I will say for now that I saw more in three days than I have in the passed two years.

Here is something to read while you are waiting.

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