Saturday, November 06, 2004

I'm just gonna string some thoughts together here. First off, in case anyone is wondering, free compliation CD's--from wherever...a music store, the new issue of Wired--suck. You get what you pay for and in this case, nothing. Nothing is what you get. I have listened to two different ones in the past two days and can say that none of the artists are noteworthy. One of them even includes a song by Liz Phair and it is terrible. She has completely abandoned her previous style of music. I thought I was listening to a Hilary Duff song. I'm not kidding here. Go find and download "Why can't I?" and see for yourself. I don't know why you can't...or why you couldn't, Liz. Just don't do it again.

I realized something today while sitting in the left-turn lane at a stoplight. (I was in my car.) When I started using a digital camera I noticed the pictures seemed washed out. I always have to drag them into Photoshop and correct the contrast and saturation. But today, while sitting there staring at the sky and trees and buildings, it became clear to me that the world is washed out. Or at least the sun makes it appear that way.

Inspired by our downstairs neighbors.
Those who really have nothing to say, say it really loudly.

If you're going to be a homebody, shut the fuck up for christ's sake. They are apparently tethered to their apartment because their dog is a barker. From the moment they leave 'til the very last moment until they are fitting the key into the lock, there is nonstop barking.

When they are especially loud, I usually go into the kitchen and clang dishes and pans around in our stainless steel sink really, really loud and cough all butch and loud, which is funny if you could see how stringy I am. The noise, from my point of view anyway, is to give them a taste of their own medicine and to remind them that you can hear everything through the walls and floor. I usually get yelled at by Jenny for being immature, but the scolding doesn't outweigh the feeling of satisfaction I get when I'm finished. She should be glad I am doing the dishes!

I'm just full of love today.

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