Wednesday, November 03, 2004

In the next couple of hours I will hopefully eat something, calm down, and reflect on our loss like a sane person. I'm aware no one comes here to read my political views, but I am deeply emotional right now. Again, I am stunned and confused regarding this great country's decision.

With any luck El cheapo will be back to normal in a day or two with possibly a photo or two from the wedding in Atlanta. My sister kept my mother and myself pretty busy and I was frankly too tired to write much of anything. Too tired even, to complain about sleeping on the sofa for six nights. (Wow, was it really that many?) Although, one morning when my mother awoke especially early, I was kicked off the sofa onto the guest bed which I discovered must have been constructed entirely of particle board. The ground would have been softer. To be fair, I must mention the one night that I was able to sleep in my sister's empty bed on her wedding night which was rather comfortable -- in between the hours I spent in the bathroom puking from eating and drinking too much. The upside to that is I had no hang over when all of the relatives on our side of the family showed up at once to await their flight home.

"Everybody please take home lots of left-over candy and monogrammed matchboxes. Please."

There now. I've destracted myself for a whole ten minutes.

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