Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Yesterday I watched Moulin Rouge and cried at the end. CRIED. How gay. I can say that. You know the rules.

Anyway, my friend was asking about my sister’s wedding since I didn’t mention it after returning from Atlanta. I thought to myself, most people hate attending weddings. Why would anyone want to HEAR about a wedding?

For anyone vaguely interested, my week went something like:

Wednesday: Performed tasks on to-do list provided by sister. Discovered surplus of bulk Jordan Almonds sitting around in boxes.

Thursday: Ran errands with sister. Ate Jordan Almonds.

Friday’s itinerary was supposed to go something like this.

1. Shower and dress for bridal luncheon.
2. Attend bridal luncheon at fancy restaurant.
3. Prepare luncheon trays for relatives arriving at hotel.
4. Greet arriving relatives.
5. Wedding rehearsal.
6. Rehearsal dinner.

It ended up being...

1. Shower and dress for bridal luncheon.
2. Drive mother to emergency room with broken nose.
3. Fill prescriptions and buy frozen bag of peas to keep swelling down.
4. Greet relatives at hotel.
5. Explain broken nose to relatives.
6. Watch dad blow a fuse after mistaking the word “nose” for “leg”.
7. See relatives devour sandwich trays.
8. Meet at Cathedral for wedding rehearsal.
9. Hold breath while drunken cousin makes toast at rehearsal dinner.

Today's topic on Elmo's World was feet. So Elmo waved his cute little feet at everyone accordingly. After questioning a rather large human foot, he propped himself on top of it and proceeded to play the 'foot song' to the tune of Jingle Bells. Every topic of the day gets played to the tune of Jingle Bells. But this time he did it with his feet.

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