Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I was just sitting here thinking about my Charlie's Angels trading cards and how I should probably try to sell them. But I love them too much. Even though I never take them out of the box to play with them or look at them. It's good to know that I'm holding on to them so tightly despite the fact you can buy 120 authentic cards from 1977 for $1.76 on ebay.

By the way...What the hell is this?

And are you seriously trying to sell this?

Item Description:

"This book has the original prices of the ornaments. It doesn't have the 'current values' of the ornaments. (What the fuck good does this do anyone? Unless you are implying Hallmark's Collector's catalog is actually a collectors item itself, maybe?) The glossy cover is scuffed, scratched, and creased all over." (Doesn't sound very glossy to ME. Your honesty is impressive. By the way, are you nuts?)


I am over at my parent's house. I come here every week.

Something tells me that we've begun the "role reversal". You know, where they start behaving like children and I become the adult. Well, they have lived up to their end of the bargain. We gave my father a puppy and he has no clue how to train it. It just showed up in the study with half an eggshell in his mouth and also his harness hanging from it. He had his harness and half an eggshell in his mouth.

I haven't exactly become the adult however, and tonight we all had pancakes for dinner.

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