Tuesday, January 18, 2005

:::.... In case anyone is sitting on the edge of their seat wondering, the neighbors aren't going anywhere. They managed to weasel their way out of an eviction notice. After spending much of the weekend with my ear to the floor and my eyes peeled for some sign they were heading out, I finally gave up all hope.

How does this happen anyway? An eviction notice would suggest that you are way beyond the point of just paying your rent, right? Wrong. We live in a quaint little 4-plex which means no one is on the property. No manager, no leasing agent, no maintenance man, no nothing. And whoever owns the property doesn't seem to give a crap what goes on around here as long as they're making the "long green", as my Dad puts it.

The amazing thing is how they were right back to their idiotic ways by Sunday, banging on the wall after Jenny lost her balance and rolled off her exercise ball creating a thud. I guess we disturbed the boyfriend's afternoon nap. I doubt he got much sleep the night before between his constant comings and goings until 4:00 am. My theory is that he's a small time drug dealer trying to make ends meet even though they both work nine to five jobs, while Jenny likes to think he is going to a press check or something. That's cute. She is forgetting that he did the same thing, coming and going at all hours, while working from home selling t-shirts on ebay. It was even more frequent then.

But this isn't over. Not by a long shot. We and the other tenants have banded together and yesterday the office received the first installment of phone calls complaining about the noise. Unleash a barrage of four-letter words the whole building can hear, that's a phone call. Beat on the wall like a madman if I accidentally drop the can opener, there's another.

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