Monday, January 24, 2005

:::.... Things I Did To Occupy Myself While Jenny Was Out Of Town At The Sundance Film Festival Without Me.

1. Bought half a dozen sci-fi paperbacks at Half Price Books. (Jackie!) It took me three hours to buy six books.

2. Downed a bottle of red wine like it was beer and got sick after going to bed. Woke up to fuchsia splotches EVERYWHERE. Towels, sheets, floor...oops.

3. After drinking the wine, but before getting sick, I played air guitar on my tennis racket while pretending to be the guitarist from Explosions in the Sky (song four) with my little computer speakers wailing at full volume. No, you don't understand. I was really in the band. I was performing to a packed house. And then I closed my eyes and fell over. Darn.

4. Purchased two TV dinners from Fiesta Mart. No one is here to bring home take-out.

5. Discussed the 'meaning of life' over some beer at my friends house. He thinks we are all just "here". While I don't agree with his logic, I do question the creation of all those species of beetles. What are they doing here? What purpose do they serve?

6. Ebay, flickr, ebay, flickr, ebay, flickr, blog.

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