Saturday, January 01, 2005

I dipped into my Christmas money and bought a stuffed deer. He was 'Deer' at first, then I started calling him 'Peter', but now I guess he's just 'Deer' again.

Here he is at Jamba Juice.

I hope he didn't mind we didn't buy him a drink there.

And here he is on New Year's Eve.

I made him a hat and put a tie on him. He had a really good time. I think.

As for us, we ended up being typical lesbians and stayed at home. We ordered pizza, watched The Graduate, drank wine, and played video games. The neighbors made a bunch of racket before leaving at 10:00. Apparently they had just enough time to get into an argument and make it back home by 11:45. They got back into their car 5 minutes after midnight. That's what I was doing around midnight...Staring out the bathroom window to see if there would be any hair pulling or bitch slapping.

I was awakened around 4 when they got into yet another fight. This time one of them jumped into their car and sped away. They would make good gay people.

Anyway....Happy New Year from el cheapo and Deer!

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