Sunday, February 27, 2005

* If you like dogs and/or socks you would like this story of a girl and her sock-eating hound and what she had to do to avert catastrophe. I was going to link to her blog and the story, but she added an update immediately before the story containing a link to some tacky photos. I considered adding a footnote about not clicking on the link, but that would have made everyone click on it and draw way more attention to something I wanted to avoid. (Fred Durst naked. Ewwwww!)

Anyway, here's an excerpt.

"Ok, so, listen to this ... I got up at 6AM to feed my dog and take him out then I came back in and went back to bed. At 7AM Espn puked so I got up to clean it up and I noticed he puked on a sock. I went to pick up the sock and Espn thought I was trying to take his puke away from him (you know, because dogs eat it) and he put the sock in his mouth. Before I could even get his mouth open the sock was GONE! HE ATE A SOCK, WHOLE! omg!"

The rest of the story involves her running around trying to locate some hydrogen peroxide, since that is what the receptionist at the veterinarian clinic told her to force feed him to make him puke up the sock. (Who doesn't keep HP in their medicine chest?) She finally locates some through the neighbor and he coughs up the sock in minutes. Isn't that just adorable?

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