Wednesday, March 09, 2005

me: Man, I don't feel good again.
body: You've been eating too many potatoes.
me: What? Potatoes? No I haven't.
body: Yes, you have.
me: Maybe some french fries here and there.
body: Try tator tots, fries, mashed potatoes, shoestring potatoes, and chips.
me: Oh. Hmmm...


Staple was a little smaller than I expected, but still worth the drive. We swapped a few of Jenny's comic books and gave out some pins. Jenny drew a comic about how I nearly ripped my collar off trying to give this one to a cute girl. It's the spitting image of me.

The hotel stay was fun too since we haven't done it in a while. I love the idea of having five lamps in one room. And an enormous bed that I don't have to make. Oh, and a coffee pot on the vanity just outside the bathroom. That's where the coffee pot should always be.

Guess what Sunday is?! The library sale! We have no room for more books, but we will pile books upon books into our little plaid cart and drop them off in the holding zone so that we can fill it again and again. We usually shoot for a three bag maximum. We'll see!

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